DacodeTech Solution® test teams are able to expand and retract resources on an engagement based on project timelines, functional and technical requirements, and the nature of the project. Our proven test methodologies help our clients identify software issues up front.

VisionIT performs standard testing including:

• System testing

• Integration testing

• Usability testing

• Compatibility testing,

• Installation testing and User acceptance testing

Our specialized services address the more advanced aspects of testing including:

• Globalization/localization testing

• Data Warehousing Testing

• Security testing

• Performance testing & Availability testing


  • Business Process & System Design Create applications that cost less to operate and maintain over the lifetime of the application. Our FAST development methodology and framework improves time to market.
  • Project Management Support & GIS Iidentification of business risks, careful upfront project planning and FAST project execution.
  • Network Design Implementation of specific well described features, such as monitoring platforms, infrastructure capacity planning.